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At the core of all YTJ’s programs is the belief that a peer-driven restorative and trauma-informed approach that supports young people to take accountability, repair harm and access leadership opportunities is more effective than punishment.

What We Offer

YTJ Peer Solutions

A restorative diversion program for teens that have been cited for misdemeanor offenses

School-Suspension Alternatives

Restorative alternatives to traditional discipline

Drug & Alcohol Harm Reduction

Drug and alcohol prevention, harm reduction, and safety skills development


YTJ Peer Solutions

Our YTJ Peer Solutions model is peer-led, based on restorative justice principles, and uses trauma-informed practices to successfully address juvenile justice and school disciplinary issues in a collaborative rather than authoritative and punitive manner. This successful youth development
approach focuses on young people taking accountability for their poor choices, assigning peers to help them reflect on what led to the poor choice, and through motivational interviewing, find out more about their support systems, personal challenges, strengths, and needs. Together, youth work with a Peer Team of youth volunteers to build a restorative plan that helps the young person take responsibility, repair harm to the community and their relationships, and support better decision-making going forward.

The YTJ Peer Solutions process includes: referrals, intake interview, pre-hearing meeting, youth hearing, co-creation of a personalized restorative plan and case management support.

Email Antonio Zavala ( with any questions.

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Marin Youth Court

School-Suspension Alternatives

Youth Transforming Justice’s School Suspension Alternatives program trains and consults with teachers, administrators, and students to build a restorative and trauma-informed school culture that emphasizes community building, trauma-informed approaches to discipline issues, and encouraging accountability and repairing harm rather than traditional, punitive measures like suspension.

Youth Racial Equity Group
School-Suspension Alternatives
Drug and Alcohol Harm Reduction

Drug & Alcohol Harm Reduction

The Restorative Services 12-hour harm reduction-based drug and alcohol training has shifted punitive responses to drug offenses and benefitted thousands of families. We also run near-peer drug and alcohol prevention trainings in local middle schools. High school students are trained to deliver drug prevention training to sixth-graders. Teens are involved in curriculum development, program delivery and evaluation.

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Help us end the school-to-prison pipeline.

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