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April Roundup

Youth Transforming Justice Leadership Retreat

This month we hosted our first of many leadership retreats where the board and youth members are able to collaborate and discuss about building an even stronger Youth Transforming Justice! We have lots of exciting things coming in the near future that includes increasing youth engagement and leadership as well as expanding our program into new communities.

Branson School Workshop

The students of Branson High School put on their first in-person version of their Youth Forum. This year’s focus for the event was the environment and society. We were one of the most popular workshops at the forum where we taught youth about the criminal justice system, privilege, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

MLK Academy Session

After the merging of Bayside MLK and Willow Creek, two schools found by federal law to be segregated, there have been many instances of tensions running high in the community for understandable reasons. After a teacher walkout at the beginning of April, we were called in to host a two-day session with seventh and eighth-graders. The primary topic we focused on was empathy and how to show that to one another, but students were also given the opportunity to speak their truth about how this nationwide attention and major changes to the school has impacted them.

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