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March Roundup

Marin Teen Girls Conference

This month several of our female volunteers participated in the annual Marin Teen Girls Conference. At this conference, young women advocating and raising awareness about a number of causes come together to share their knowledge. Having events like this to empower young women is so important to help encourage the next generation to use their voices. This year, attendees from Youth Transforming Justice put on a workshop called “Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline.” In this presentation, we were able to inform new potential volunteers about the impacts of suspensions and how the school-to-prison pipeline prevails. We were delighted with the engagement and positive feedback we received from the young audience.

YTJ Board Meeting

Becoming an independent organization and going virtual due to the pandemic happened simultaneously. Consequently, our board as a whole has not gotten many opportunities to interact with one another or meet many of our youth leaders. This month during our virtual board meeting, two of our longtime youth volunteers presented to the board. Their experience and knowledge of how YTJ has evolved over the past few years is something we believe to be valuable for new members of our team to understand. During this meeting the board along with the volunteers discussed ways to improve our program to make it even more impactful in the future in retaining respondents.

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