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February Roundup

On our website, we will begin to have a monthly roundup to look back on accomplishments, events, and other factors in our program that stuck out over the last month.


After a hiatus of regular newsletter uploading this past February the month where we began to produce our newsletter once again. Our March newsletter acts as an introduction to our work as well as a welcome back to some of our long-term supporters. The March newsletter consists of informative pieces such as one about the school-to-prison pipeline, and also more personal ones such as a profile of one of our former volunteers. If you are interested in reading or subscribing, you can do so through our website.


We are grateful to have recently received a grant from the state of California to support our work of providing youth, with a focus on youth of color, leadership and career opportunities. As the Marin Independent Journal put it, “to increase opportunities for Marin Latino youth to advocate for their peers in schools.” We are excited to use this grant for encouraging opportunities for youth in school as well as expanding our intern network of young adults of color.

Establishing System of Youth Feedback

One of the aspects of going independent from the YMCA we were most looking forward to, was being about to have more control of the direction for Youth Transforming Justice. Our nonprofit has always valued the voices of youth, but in February we began to establish a more structured approach of how youth in all positions of our program are able to provide feedback and share their ideas. We are optimistic that by giving both volunteers and respondents a clear pathway of having their voices heard by our directors and staff will create a more empowering and welcoming environment.

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